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Mick Schwedler, 2021-22 ASHRAE President


Mick Schwedler, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, LEED AP is ASHRAE’s Society President for the 2021-22 term. Schwedler previously served on the ASHRAE Board of Directors as president-elect, treasurer, vice president and director-at-large.

For his time and devotion to ASHRAE and the HVAC&R industry, Schwedler is a recipient of the Fellow Award, Exceptional Service Award, Standards Achievement Award, and the Distinguished Service Award. Schwedler’s “Low-Load Chillers and System Efficiency” was published in the ASHRAE Journal in February 2017 and was his seventh published in the ASHRAE Journal. His work has also been featured in publications, such as HPAC Engineering, Trane Engineers Newsletters and Trane Applications Engineering Manuals.

Mick’s theme for the 2021-22 ASHRAE Society Year is “Personal Growth. Global Impact. Feed the Roots.”

“We each are involved in ASHRAE for different reasons and volunteer in our chosen ways. We do it because we grow – professionally and personally – and help others do the same. We do it because that global impact serves the world’s, as well as our personal, future generations. All this occurs because we our true to our deep, widespread and strong technical roots, grassroots and personal roots.”

In addition to his time served on the Board of Directors, Schwedler served as chair of the ASHRAE Technology Council, chair of ASHRAE Standing Standard Project Committee 90.1-2010, chair of the Advanced Energy Design Guide Steering Committee, and as an ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer. He is Past President of the La Crosse Area ASHRAE Chapter and has held ASHRAE Society-level roles on many standing committees, technical committees, and presidential ad hoc committees.

Schwedler’s theme focuses the impact of connections to foster personal and professional growth and how ASHRAE’s historical and present-day structure continues to lead to the development of future industry professionals that impact the world.

“How did you get here today and become part of this expansive root system? Who helped you grow, encouraged you - that is, who ‘fed your roots?’ Collectively, our personal growth and united efforts have produced global impacts … to serve humanity…the first three words of ASHRAE’s mission.”

He also stresses the importance and responsibility each of has as he asks, “Whose roots will you feed in the next three months?”

In addition to his contributions to ASHRAE, Schwedler is an Applications Engineer at Trane, located in La Crosse, Wis. and has been active in the development, training, and support of energy efficient systems since 1982.

At Trane, Schwedler aids customers in system optimization (in which he holds patents) and chilled water system design. He has given technical seminars throughout North America, as well as in the Far East and South America. He has also presented such information as well as other sustainable education to over 30,000 people as presenter and host of Engineers Newsletter Live broadcasts and ASHRAE satellite events. Mick was intimately involved with energy modeling as author of significant portions of the TRACE™ (Trane Air Conditioning Economics) program’s equipment section.

Schwedler is a 1981 graduate from the University of Wisconsin Solar Energy Lab with a Master of Mechanical Engineering, and he earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Northwestern University in 1980.