Chapter Meeting:

Thomas H. (Tom) Durkin, PE


 Prior to retirement from his design practice, Tom was widely recognized for his innovation and creativity.  He either invented or pioneered the implementation of nine distinct HVAC innovations, all of which save energy and reduce pollution.  Tom’s designs for buildings and systems are proven to be safe, energy-efficient and cost-effective. A nationally sought-after speaker and frequent ASHRAE author who promotes energy-smart HVAC systems, Tom is also a contributor to the U.S. Department of Energy.  He designed the first “Energy Star” school HVAC system in the Midwest.  In 1998, Tom presented one of his innovative systems to the United States Congress. 


Tom’s design work has won twelve (12) state, national and international awards, including two ASHRAE Technology Awards.  He has written many articles for the ASHRAE Journal and other industry magazines, and his work has been featured in several others.  Tom is a co-author of the HVAC Pump Handbook, the definitive text on all things hydronic.


Geothermal Central Systems

Geothermal systems are recognized for their efficiency and positive environmental impact. But the way they are usually implemented, with distributed heat pumps, could be improved in the opinion of this author.