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President's Corner

Efforts of the Society, its members, and its bodies shall be directed at all times to enhancing the public health, safety and welfare.” – ASHRAE Code of Ethics https://www.ashrae.org/about/governance/code-of-ethics

Dear Members and Friends,

We are excited to partner with New Riff Distillery for a new fundraiser! 7 of our members will be taste testing and selecting a single barrel of bourbon from New Riff Distillery. Those members will also receive a bottle bourbon and a barrel cover! The donation is $500

The tasting/selection will be on 4.20.23 at 1104 Lowell Street Newport KY 41073.

The bourbon selected will be bottled in an ASHRAE engraved New Riff Single Barrel bottle. Those bottles will be given as a gift to members and friends who donate at least $110 while supplies last.

We will be passing out the pre-ordered bottles at the ASHRAE Golf Outing, which is listed as our location. In the event you can not pick up your gift, we can arrange pickup at another time.

Proceeds will go the the ASHRAE Chapter to fund future member events


The Annual Golf Outing Regristraion is now LIVE!! Please sign up for sponsorship and teams via the link below:

2023 Cincinnati Ashrae Golf Outing (golfstatus.com) 


Communications Chairman