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President's Corner

Efforts of the Society, its members, and its bodies shall be directed at all times to enhancing the public health, safety and welfare.” – ASHRAE Code of Ethics https://www.ashrae.org/about/governance/code-of-ethics

Efforts of the Society, its members, and its bodies shall be directed at all times to enhancing the public health, safety and welfare.” – ASHRAE Code of Ethics https://www.ashrae.org/about/governance/code-of-ethics

Dear Member and Friends,

We have a lot going on so let’s jump in!

Please officially welcome Prabin Parajuli and Paige Ingram to the ASHRAE Board! I can’t say this enough, I’m truly excited about the volunteers we have on the board and the direction the chapter is going.

Our Student Chapter at University of Cincinnati had two teams place 3rd in the ASHRAE Student Competition for 2021. Our board is proud to recognize these following students:

Integrated Sustainable Building Design (ISBD

Arvind Jay, Hashani De Silva, Iffat Ridwana,

Advisor: Dr. Raj Manglik

HVAC Design Calculations

Carter Brown, Christina Faulkner, Madison Link, Casey Martin, Margaret Norbut, Joseph Tornes

Advisors: Dr. Raj Manglik and Chip Branscum

Our first Chapter meeting is tentatively scheduled as a in person meeting on October 12th. This will be a joint meeting with The Society of American Military Engineers (SAME). Please visit https://www.same.org/Cincinnati for more information about the SAME local chapter. Contact info to their board is also listed on their website.

Our second chapter meeting will be a special event. Society President Mick Schwedler will be visiting Region V the week after Thanksgiving and we’re slotted for November 30th. The national theme for ASHRE is Personal Growth. Global Impact. Feed the Roots. The tentative plan is to do a Dinner event like the one we did a few years ago. More information to come in the following newsletter.

We’re looking for committee volunteers to serve with the committee chairmen that you see listed on the left. We got a lot of interest for the Government Affairs Chairman position and will be voting in one of the candidates in the next board meeting. As we can see, our Student Chapter at UC is extremely involved in ASHRAE, but Student Activates is not limited to a single university. If you’re interested in working with K-12 and higher education to promote mechanical engineering and the HVAC industry, please reach out to our general email and we’ll get you in touch with our chairman. We all recognize the need for more people to enter our industry and we need to encourage students when they’re young, which is why this committee is so critical; Feed the Roots.

Finally, I’d like to start a series of interviews of members, which I’m calling Monthly Member Spotlight. There are so many of you who have given so much to this chapter, Cincinnati community and HVAC industry. Please enjoy our first installment below and if you know of a member that is deserving of a spotlight, please reach out!

Nick Brown

August Member Spotlight: Joe Nader

How long have you been an active ASHRAE member and what positions have you held?

I’ve been a member since April 1979. I was Chapter President for the 1991-92 Society Year. In those days we had a Chapter secretary that went from year to year. I honestly do not remember being VP and then President. A couple of years before 1991 I was elected “new member”. I was recruited by another ASHRAE member to become the “new member”. I was hesitate, because I was not sure what was involved, but the other member assured me that no one gets elected the first time. Guess what? I got elected the first time and here we are today.

Tell me how you first go involved with ASHRAE and the local chapter?

When I joined KZF in 1976 there were two guys that were ASHRAE members and they invited me to tag along to some of the meetings which I did. In 1979 we did a project for P & G at Winton Hill and I went to the Thermal Group at P&G for 6 months to work thru KZF and watch the project evolve. They pushed ASHRAE to their guys so I eventually joined.

What has your involvement been like?

My involvement has been very good for me and my career. I have met a lot of people from the other 12+ Region V chapters and have enjoyed the local meetings. A lot of our clients like the fact that KZF has active members in organizations like ASHRAE. I can keep up with the latest state of the art solutions. My wife Rosemary travels with me to out of town functions such as the annual Region V CRC and other chapter sponsored events, so it makes my being away less of a problem.

How has being involved with ASHRAE affected your career or personal life?

It has had a positive effect on me and my career and my personal life. The comradery is without question the very best.

Are there any mentors, mentees, or friends that you met through ASHRAE you would like to recognize?

Too many to list but Charlie Kiefer, Jack Drake, Norb Menke ( chapter historian before me ), Dick Rademacher, Bernard Nagengast are just a few and many other people at the CRC conferences that have influenced my life and career.

What’s your favorite memory throughout your membership?

There are several, but one that stands out is the year my wife and I were Chairmen of the Region V CRC held in Cincinnati. That was an honor and a ton of work!

What do you wish other people knew about the local chapter?

That it is more than just a chapter with monthly meetings. I think that the organization known as ASHRAE needs to marketed to other people besides engineers, manufacturer’s reps. and contractors, etc. Most people don’t know what ASHRAE is yet ASHRAE has a lot to do with our lives.

A disturbing issue to me is the fact of not being able to convince younger people in our offices to get involved in ASHRAE. They feel that they can get all the information they need from the Internet so why join ASHRAE.

Also, the red tape involved in getting answers to your questions about an ASHRAE standard. It can take months and then the response is so technical that it is hard to understand in our real world.